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Patience is a virtue (that I don’t have)

Have you every tried to explain to a child that if they perform “action x” then the consequence will be “consequence y” which will usually result in tears?

That could be a metaphor for my injuries…. Only I am both the parent and the child.

I know that its a bad idea to increase intensity and volume at the same time – So why did I ramp up the mileage and run sessions at speeds in excess of my current fitness?

I know my body reacts badly when I don’t have 2 rest days a week – So why did I insist on running 20 days in a row?

Answer to both: Because I am one impatient bastard!

All I’ve wanted since getting back from Honeymoon is to be back to where I used to be, so I’ve been trying everything I can to regain that fitness. What a stupid idea.

My insistence on running further and faster to try and some how shortcut the route back to fitness unsurprisingly resulted in injury.

There just are no shortcuts. Lesson learned.

In positive news, my runs have been coming back together. Sure, I’m way behind where i want to be, but I think I may be able to just about be back in line with where I was last year, thanks to looking at my Strava Training Log.

Last nights intervals were a little slower than McMillan thinks I should be doing but I’m a little “speed rusty”. I finished feeling tired but not too shattered today, so I do have a bit more to give there.

With any luck I’ll be able to run the Great Birmingham Run at a pace similar to that I ran Bristol Half 2014.

I also hope to lose a good few more pounds (It’s heading in the right direction) which should equate to a few extra precious seconds per mile come race day.

If I manage some time around that I’ll be pretty happy.

On The Injury Bench

It was all going so well…

6 weeks post wedding and honeymoon and I’d built my milage up nicely, things were starting to click again and I’d finally gained some traction in my weight loss.

Then my foot started playing up. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I did know it was uncomfortable, but didn’t seem to affect my gait.

Then Saturday came and off I went on my long run, 16 miles around sunny Basingstoke, taking in the pleasures of Basingstoke parkrun with no real problem – until I finished.

Once I got out of the shower, any sort of movement in my left foot was painful. Twisting, flexing, walking… stairs were a nightmare. Any sort of movement which applied pressure was painful.

No idea what happened but somehow its all become a bit sprained at the forefoot. I immediately Googled the symptoms and self diagnosed it as Metatarsalgia (As I have an infinite wisdom, clearly!) but its more likely just a mild sprain.

It seems to be better when I’m wearing shoes than when wearing flip flops probably as they offer some support.

Needless to say though, I’m gutted!

I’ve been resting it a few days now and it seems to be a bit better and will try and run again on Friday with a gentle recovery plod. But it’s not only me, Jodie is injured too. She can’t manage more than 4 miles without her knee becoming painful and she may have to defer the Great North Run 🙁

We are trying to remain motivated and pragmatic about it – it’s better to rest now and avoid long term damage, but its hard when all you want to do is go out and have a blast round the streets.

It’s already reached the point where I want to throw stuff at runners as I drive past in a fit of jealous rage.

The moral of this story?

Don’t get married.

(I’m kidding! I have no morals!)