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Opening Weigh In

Well, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought…

I weighed in this morning for the first time since the wedding and I was 15st 4lbs. So a “holiday gain” of 12lbs. OK, that’s still a lot, but I had feared i’d come back over 16st, so that’s a real bonus.

Contextualising that for me, is that I am currently around the weight I was for the Paris Marathon last year. Not too shabby!

Now, doing what I do best (Putting together whizzy spreadsheets to make things easier for me to track)


I can see that in order to reach my target, I need to lose 2lbs per week every week, and need to have a 3lb week too. Its ambitious but acheiveable.

No doubt I’ll lose a lot quickly and then plateau, but I am motivated to succeed and have set myself some interim goals to get some “quick wins” and stay on track.

Time to finally “finish” this weight loss thing!


Why does Garmin not agree with Strava…

… When it comes to Calories?

Figure 1 – My workout in Garmin Connect, displaying my workout burning an impressive 1230 calories.

garmincalsSo why is it that Strava (Figure 2), when the activity is synced via the Garmin integration (The accounts are linked) shows an even more impressive 1802 calories?!

stravacalsI mean… that’s not even close! 600 calories is 3 pints of lager! Or a decent lunch! How can 2 systems with exactly the same data calculate such different values? And more importantly, when considering this data from a weight loss/calorie controlled diet point of view, which is right?

Answers on a postcard…



How to blow up in spectacular style

As the title suggests, the last few weeks have been a bit rough. Training wise that is! I’ve had a blast socially (It was mine AND Jodies birthday’s last week!), but too much indulgence has made me put back on a few pounds and I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

Part of that reason may be due to me blowing spectacularly after this workout.

During the workout, I felt amazing. I nailed my paces, my splits were great, there was a lot of climbing and afterwards I felt tired, but on top of the world. It was the day after that I fell apart.

Admittedly after the toughest session of my life, heading out on a 13 mile long run the day after wasn’t the smartest move. But it was even less smart to have a go at climbing 3 of the main hills in town covering 200m of elevation gain.

My legs were the heaviest they’ve ever felt, and when I reached the bottom of Mudford Road (The 3rd big climb) i got about 20 yards up and I actually gave up. I questioned the value of putting myself through another 2 miles of pain. Would I have gained any fitness from it? Not likely. If only I’d have thought that at the start of the run…) I had nothing, the tank was empty. I lightly jogged another mile home.

The top of my foot developed a painful niggle – like a bruise on the tendons on the top of my foot. And, my legs were ruined.

Its taken a week of ONLY easy running (And one small progression run to test my progress) to get them back to feel vaguely normal – but they are still not right. Not really. The foot is just about pain free though which is good.

Its forced me to rather sensibly reorganize my training plans and consider my easy runs and less steady running. Not to mention the stupidity of trying to run a quality session on a Saturday and go back to back with a Sunday long run.

I’ve taken a huge knock in confidence. Running still feels a bit laboured, and I’m a bit concerned for my race plan in the Weston Christmas Cracker. Time will tell.

Time to shake a bit of weight, regain some confidence and get back in race trim.

But all that said… that session did feel amazing 😀

Weigh In: Plateau Smashed, Goal Achieved!

If you read last weeks weigh in report you’ll know that I’ve bee struggling with somewhat of a plateau in recent weeks, my body simply has not wanted to shift any weight at all. This has been tough to swallow as I was so close to my goal.

My primary goal has always been, ever since that fateful first day at Weight Watchers, to have a healthy BMI of under 25. BMI isn’t for everyone. I understand that if you are a body builder, or a rugby player then your BMI is not going to be an appropriate way to measure your health based upon weight. But for an average guy like me, not interested in bulking up, its as close to an accurate barometer as I am likely to find.

After following most of the advice in the article (I didn’t change up my workout routine, but I have changed my weigh day to non-running day) the results have been a staggering success. I weighed in at 14st7lbs. Thats a shift of 5lbs week on week.

Now, thats a huge amount and extremely unlikely to have been achieved in a week. I would say that last weeks was an anomalous result to some extent. But nonetheless I am absolutely chuffed as nuts. Thats a 10 year old goal, finally achieved.

I don’t have accurate records of my weight loss until I started using Garmin Connect in November. But since then alone the graph looks pretty cool.


“Back in the day” I though reaching this goal would be some kind of watershed moment, that I’d be overcome with emotion, or want to throw some sort of party for my achievement. But it doesn’t really feel like that. Its taken me so long to do it, and there were so many false starts I’d feel a bit of a fraud for celebrating this. After all, the real challenge is learning to keep the weight off.

I still feel happy, but it’s not the life changing moment I thought it would be. Its more a sense of quiet satisfaction. Unless you’ve struggled with your weight you won’t understand I guess.

I want to thank the following people from the bottom of my heart for helping me acheive this personal goal. I quite literally couldn’t have done it without them.

  • Mum – without you I wouldn’t have gone to weight watchers and set me off on this journey
  • Jodie – You put up with the miserable weeks when I don’t lose weight, and the hours I’m out running. I hope the good times outweigh the bad! I love you

A New Goal

Since I’ve started running though and I’ve gotten closer to my goal I’ve realised that even a healthy BMI was still going to leave me with a bit of a wobbly belly and wobbly inner thighs. So it isn’t quite “Job Done” yet, and I’ve known for a while I’d need a secondary goal to shoot for. Much like with Races, its always best to have a target!

Trying to work out what that should be is a tough question. On the one hand, I’d like to have a certain body fat %, and on the other hand I’d like a mid-range healthy BMI. So I’ve gotten to work in excel and come up with some numbers.

  • According to the NHS, a healthy BMI ranges between 18.5 and 25. The midpoint of that is 22. At my height, I would need a weight of 12st13lbs (181lbs) to be this BMI.
  • The generally accepted body fat percentage for “Fitness” is between 14% and 17%. The midpoint for this is 15.5%
  • My current Body Fat % is 22.3%. If I were to take 7% off of my current bodyweight it would give me a weight of 13st 7lbs (189lbs)

Therefore, my newly amended target is 13st 7lbs (189lbs). Once I reach this target I’ll use the same methodology so see where my Body Fat is vs my Weight/BMI to see if I can find a way to reconcile those two numbers. But, for now at least, only 14lbs to go!