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Here’s a list of the kit I use, quite literally from the ground up. Just as a note, I have no commercial arrangements with any of these places, Its just stuff I like to use.


After 2 rounds of gait analysis in 2 years, both found that the Asics Gel Kayano were the right shoes for me. I’ve used the 20, 21 and 22 models over the last few years and am currently cycling between two pairs. These are the ones I use for general training…


And these are the ones I use for Racing. These are quite special to me as I was awarded them as my “Sweatshop parkrunner of the month” when I stood down from yeovil Montacute parkrun.


The 22s are lighter and of a different construction compared to previous years, whilst maintaining the comfort and stability I’ve become accustomed to.

For trail and off road running, I’m wearing Saloman Speedcross 3s. These have excellent off road grip (less so on road/tarmac) an excellent firm and stable sole and fantastic single pull lacing system. The added bonus is that they are waterproof thanks to the Gore Tex construction and rock steady on uneven ground with great support. highly recommended!




I used to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis. Its horrible. I struggled with it all year, probably as I overtrained. Post-paris I was really suffering and trainers didn’t fix the problem. A work colleague told me her husband suffered the same plight but had managed to alleviate it using Footlogics Sports orthotic insoles. Willing to try anything once I bought a pair and it was an instant relief.

They have cushioned heels, enhanced arch support and have a stiffer feeling to them.


They won’t cure your issue long term I don;t think but certainly helped me continue to run through the symptoms.


I started out using basic cotton socks and unsurprisingly found I got blisters. In my rookie days I started wearing Karrimor running socks as they were cheap, and I’ve worn them ever since. I’d never recommend Sports Direct for trainers – I don’t think their staff are nearly qualified enough, and I have some serious misgivings about the quality of Karrimor footwear, but the socks are absolutely top drawer, and they make good cheap running kit suitable for people of all abilities.


No tights or tight shorts for me! I wear shorts with a built in inner brief as I’ve found a great reduction in chafing. In fact, I’m totally chafe free. I stick with Nike Dri-Fit shorts as I know they work for me, and you can pick them up almost anywhere.


I only ever wear technical tops, usually vests unless its REALLY bad weather. They really help me keep cool.

I tend to stick with Nike Dri Fit “Miler” vests as they fit well and wick moisture away, otherwise when racing it’ll be my club vest.


The only jacket I ever wear is my Nike Flicker Vapor running jacket. its water resistant (not waterproof) and does a decent job of wind resistance whilst being both breathable and extremely reflective for road safety.



My running watch of choice is the Garmin Forerunner 220. Many watches will tell you your time, pace, and various other key stats as you run. But what I like is the ability to pre-program your training calendar and workouts to the watch. As you progress through the workout it tells you when to run faster or slower, alerts you when you are running outside of your desired pace zone, and even tells you when your heart rate is out of desired zone if you like (And you have the optional heart rate strap).

AI also like that its Bluetooth enabled. Once I get back from my run, I just open the Garmin Connect mobile app on my phone, and it syncs to Garmin Connect, which I then have it push direct to Strava, where I can endlessly analyse the run data. I could use it, if I wanted to carry my phone with me, to publish my LiveTrack information. So It can email (Or Post to Facebook/Twitter) a tracking link which friends and family can use either to know where you are for safety reasons, or to monitor your progress when spectating a race.

Another great reason to use this device is to track your cadence. I’ve seen huge improvements in my running since I’ve been trying to increase this, and the FR220 has a cadence sensor built in to track this for you, as well as your stride length.

I do however, also own the SDM4 foot-pod –  A little accessory that you clip to your shoe. I have found this to be a much more accurate indicator of my cadence and stride length. And now it automatically calibrates itself mid-run.


Head Torch

When it gets dark a head torch is essential. I use the Alpkit Viper. It has a great beam,  and just runs on ordinary AAA batteries. It also has an over the head strap to help with fit. Best of all its only £17 quid. Bargain!


Training Log

I am an avid Strava user. I track all my runs through Strava and I am a premium member so you get a bunch more great analysis tools. it’s so good, I wrote a whole post about it!


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