About Me

I’m a formerly very overweight (Obese in fact) runner. Having tried various diets and routines to try and slim down, I am happy to report that I am now in control of my weight. Well, as much as you can be.

I went from this… to this.


I’ve only been able to get there through Running. Running changed my life in a way that is too long for this page. Instead you can see this series of posts and follow my story.

I became obsessed with running when I decided to run my first marathon. Before then I was a casual runner, racing occasionally but not taking it too seriously. Setting out to run a marathon, I knew I needed to give it the respect it deserves. And in the process I found a new respect for myself.

Now, I am the secretary and a member of Running For Time Running Club and a former parkrun Event Director.

This blog is for me to write about my love of running, sound off and discuss my training. As by now, everyone at home is bored of me banging on about it.


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