Manchester Marathon Training: Week 18 of 18 – Race Day Tomorrow!

This week has been probably one of the more unusual weeks of my life, which just happens to have coincided with the last taper week before the race.

I was asked to attend a conference for work, in Dubai. I know I’d been training for Manchester for 18 weeks, and I really was torn about whether I should accept it or not,as I have put my heart and soul into this race. But how many times do you get to go to Dubai on expenses?

Apologies for the blurriness, taken whilst on the run!
Apologies for the blurriness, taken whilst on the run!

I saw some amazing things, stayed 5 star and had dinner at the worlds tallest building. An unforgettable trip of a lifetime!┬áIt made training a bit trickier, squeezing in runs when I could, when travel allowed it, and when it wasn’t too hot! You can see this be quite apparent when looking at my calendar.

week18Tuesday had to be cancelled as I didn’t get to the Hotel til 11pm. I vowed to get up early though and go for a run – the problem was, I didn’t know where to go yet so ended up on the dreadmill for my Marathon paced session, which probably wasn;t the best quality or most accurate in the world. Despite having the footpod on, the treadmill and my Garmin showed totally different distances!

The temperature in the gym, even at 6am was INTENSE. I was still tired from the night before and it made for a tough run. I thought as I missed the Tuesday run, I’d do a short recovery 5k (ish – dpeneding on if you believe the footpod or the treadmill!) at an easy jog to recover the legs through. This worked a treat!

After this though, I had arranged with my boss to go on the running route he’d found at the stunning Dubai marina. We did a five mile out and back and an easy jog. it was 6pm but still very warm, and humid. But wow – how the other half live!


The Marina, aside from being filled with luxury yachts, its a brand spanking new flat walkway lined with restaurants and shops. popular with tourists, it made the run a bit of an obstacle course, but an amazing experience.


Friday was a travel day, but unfortunately the travel was overnight. It was a red-eye flight taking off at midnight UK time (3am Dubai time). I’ve had a few hours sleep on the plane but it was quite broken. Less than ideal, but I’m hoping it means I’ll be able to get a god early night tonight.

Anyway, back to the running, the original plan was to get to Wythenshawe parkrun, which is closeby to Manchester airport. But the plane was delayed which meant I was an hour late and couldn’t make it. I DID however go out for a nice 4 mile recovery jog around the Salford Quays. I saw the Lowry, MediaCity, the Coronation Street Studios and Old Trafford. What a week of tourism!


Ran past the setup of the Race Village too, though it looks like they still have plenty to do by morning! I saw lots of runners in general, some running others in club hoodies all obviously in town waiting for the race. I think its going to be a great event.

So I’m sat here in the Travelodge Salford Quays drinking free tea listening to some great tunes. Its a good chill out which is what I need. The last 18 weeks have been a whirlwind, and whilst I wish this week was a LITTLE less intense, I am feeling strong and confident. Some more stretching through the day and I’ll be happy.

Challenge number 1 – make the start line is now complete. I’m injury free! Now just to get around it in a respectable time.

Good luck to everyone running Manchester tomorrow. See you on the flipside!

P.S. If you want to track me throughout the race, you can do it on this link. I’m number 11680!

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