How to blow up in spectacular style

As the title suggests, the last few weeks have been a bit rough. Training wise that is! I’ve had a blast socially (It was mine AND Jodies birthday’s last week!), but too much indulgence has made me put back on a few pounds and I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

Part of that reason may be due to me blowing spectacularly after this workout.

During the workout, I felt amazing. I nailed my paces, my splits were great, there was a lot of climbing and afterwards I felt tired, but on top of the world. It was the day after that I fell apart.

Admittedly after the toughest session of my life, heading out on a 13 mile long run the day after wasn’t the smartest move. But it was even less smart to have a go at climbing 3 of the main hills in town covering 200m of elevation gain.

My legs were the heaviest they’ve ever felt, and when I reached the bottom of Mudford Road (The 3rd big climb) i got about 20 yards up and I actually gave up. I questioned the value of putting myself through another 2 miles of pain. Would I have gained any fitness from it? Not likely. If only I’d have thought that at the start of the run…) I had nothing, the tank was empty. I lightly jogged another mile home.

The top of my foot developed a painful niggle – like a bruise on the tendons on the top of my foot. And, my legs were ruined.

Its taken a week of ONLY easy running (And one small progression run to test my progress) to get them back to feel vaguely normal – but they are still not right. Not really. The foot is just about pain free though which is good.

Its forced me to rather sensibly reorganize my training plans and consider my easy runs and less steady running. Not to mention the stupidity of trying to run a quality session on a Saturday and go back to back with a Sunday long run.

I’ve taken a huge knock in confidence. Running still feels a bit laboured, and I’m a bit concerned for my race plan in the Weston Christmas Cracker. Time will tell.

Time to shake a bit of weight, regain some confidence and get back in race trim.

But all that said… that session did feel amazing 😀

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