Monthly Review: October 2014

October was a strange month. After the hard work leading up to the Bristol Half, I had a target race in the Great South Run, but it kind of wasn’t a target at the same time, as my main target is in December for this training period. That said, the GSR was a fantastic event and a joy to take part in. I set a time I was delighted with and I set a new course best for Basingstoke parkrun – despite it being the tougher “crabtree” course.


I missed 2 planned training sessions (Actually 3 – but one was rearranged) – the most for quite some time. One was a long run, which was scheduled to take place after a big family party 250 miles away. Unsurprisingly, after the drive home I wasn’t massively motivated to run 12 miles! The other missed session was because I wanted 2 clear rest days before having a crack at my Yeovil Montacute parkrun PB. So I’m not going to harangue myself for those two. Especially as the results when my way!

So here are the goals I set myself at the beginning of last month.

  • Run the Great South Run in Sub 1:13
  • Run 24 times in the month
  • Achieve an average elevation gain of over 100m
  • Run consistent paces in line with training zones

For the GSR I went in with a much more aggressive target than I set at the start of the month. I figured “Go hard or go home” so I targeted 7m/m for a sub 70 minute time. Unfortunately the wind in the last 2 miles got the better of me, missing out by a mere 28 seconds.

The number of runs was achieved, and I did stay within my training zones – which was trickier than it sounds, as they were increased after the great south run!

I missed out on the elevation average. Mainly due to a lack of hill repeats and long runs. I’m not likely to see this increase too much in the build up to my December target race, so I’ll look to increase it a bit at a time again.


One of the nice things I can extrapolate from that report is a good steady increase in my average speed. Its nice to see how far I’ve come. Considering after the Marathon in April I introduced a 5 min warm up walk and 10 min cool-down walk (Which explains the dip in average at that time) I am confident if I were to remove those then it would be an even more significant increase.

November is a race free month, so it’ll be all about consistent training. Though saying that, I may try and drop a parkrun in there to test my speed. Here are my targets.

  • Complete 25 runs
  • Increase average speed to 6.6mph+
  • Increase elevation gain to > 90
  • Go sub 21 at Yeovil Montacute parkrun OR Sub 20 at Poole parkrun (Depending where I decide to go on 30th November

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