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Work, Travel and Training

This past weekend I had to attend a trade show for work. This meant 3 nights away from home. I thought I had it all planned out. I had routes mapped and good intentions to do what I needed to do. I was with 2 colleagues as well, which meant that we all had shared transport.

The first problem with working away is diet. 3 nights away, 3 meals I COULD have chosen healthier options than I did, and 3 nights I had a couple of beers and wines. I think had I been on my own it would have been easier to make a conscious decision about this, but with the social aspect of working away it is much harder for me to make that decision.

On Sunday, my usual Long Run day, we didn’t finish the event til 6pm, and after that my colleagues wanted to eat. After that point it was 8pm and I just ran out of time. On Monday I got up early for an easy 5 miler, and on Tuesday I had planned to do the same but for 7 miles. Unfortunately I was so tired – these trade events are harder work than they look – that I just needed to stay in bed, especially with a long day and travel home to contend with too.

So in the last 3 days I have only run 1 of a planned 3 runs. So in the grand scheme of things I haven’t actually missed too much running. Also, I’ve overeaten a bit. Not a lot, and nothing a week’s strict food control won’t undo.

So WHY OH WHY does it feel like I’ve taken a massive step backwards?! I have a tempo run scheduled for tonight and I am dreading it. I feel fat. I feel like I’m going to be slower than a sloth swimming in treacle.

And I’ve missed 2 easy runs.

Damn you brain!

But on a more serious or practical note, how do you deal with training when you are working away? Or am I the only one that has a psychological breakdown over this, quite frankly, ridiculous reason?!