Virgin Money London Marathon 2017: Week 18 of 18

I can hardly believe that tomorrow I am running the London Marathon – finally fulfilling an ambition I have held for a long time… certainly long before I started even running. It’s an event that I always watched on the TV as a youngster and even as a young man thinking that the distance would be impossible for me to achieve. Now I look forward to my fifth crack at the distance at the course I’ve always wanted to run. I am buzzing with excitement!

Day Book Plan My Plan Actual Notes
Monday Rest Rest  Rest
Tuesday 6m Recovery 5m Recovery 6m Recovery
Wednesday 7m General Aerobic (2m Marathon Pace) 6m General Aerobic (2m Marathon Pace) 7m General Aerobic (2m Marathon Pace) 
Thursday Rest 5m Recovery (6 x 100m Strides) 5m Recovery (6 x 100m Strides)
Friday 5m Recovery (6 x 100m Strides) Rest Rest
Saturday 4m Recovery 3m Recovery 3m Recovery
Total Mileage 22m 19m 21m


It’s been a bit of a bizarre week. Not only was the weekend fuelled by Easter Chocolate, I had to take a trip to Copenhagen for work. This meant my Tuesday and Wednesday runs were in Denmark!

Tuesday was a bit odd. I arrived at Copenhagen at about lunchtime, but my Icelandic colleague had his flight delayed, which meant I had to wait in the airport for him. I spent the afternoon working from a coffee shop in the airport, and at the end of the day I changed in the toilet, stored my case in an airport locker and ran my 6 miles recovery from Copenhagen airport! Its certainly one of the more unusual runs I’ve done. It was a bit chilly and I looked a bit daft in my vest, especially when it started snowing! It felt quite tough too, I finished hoping the taper would kick in soon and my legs would start feeling fresh! 

Wednesday I was working in Copenhagen and had to fly back in the evening. This meant my 7m race rehearsal needed to be EARLY. I hate running that early in the morning, but the need called for it. It all adds to mental toughness I guess. It also doesn;t hekp that I didn’t know the area, so I had to use Strava to try and work out a route the night before. It ended up as a long flat out and back, which suited me as it meant I didn’t need to think about it. Again, my legs still weren’t feeling match fit… Is it going to all fall apart at the last minute?! 

On Thursday I ran a 5 mile recovery run with strides. The book said I should have run this on Friday, but it was going to be such a crazy day getting ready for London, Thursday was the better choice. The ran went well and I felt nimble on the Strides. Finally something positive! 

Finally on Saturday it was expo day – We decided to travel to London good and early and take in a 3 mile recovery parkrun close to the expo. This meant we’d be right by our hotel AND the expo so we could visit it “parkrun fresh”, though we hoped that the hotel would allow us an early check in. We decided to go to Mile End parkrun as it was nearby and there were lockers we could keep our stuff in during the run. It was a nice easy run and just wanted to keep the legs moving and have a good stretch afterwards. 


Well that’s it! The hard work is done. The easy work is done too. My legs feel OK but I’m neither nervous nor confident… It’s a strange kind of feeling really. I’m sure when I get to the expo that the excitement will really set in. 

Training has gone really well, and I’ve set PBs at all distances I’ve raced.

Now I just need to man up and do it. 

Sub 3.05. Bring it on. 


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