Virgin Money London Marathon 2017: Week 17 of 18

If you read the literature, everyone says that you should avoid any undue stress in the last few weeks before a marathon… chance would be a fine thing! With the 16 weeks previous being a metronomic picture of training consistency, week 17 has been flying by the seat of my pants.

Day Book Plan My Plan Actual Notes
Monday Rest Rest  Rest
Tuesday 7m General Aerobic (8 x 100m Strides) 7m General Aerobic (8 x 100m Strides) Rest
Wednesday 8m (3 x 1m Intervals) Rest 7m General Aerobic (8 x 100m Strides)
Thursday Rest 8m (3 x 1m Intervals) 7m (3 x 1m Intervals)
Friday 5m (6 x 100m Strides) Rest Rest
Saturday Rest 5m (6 x 100m Strides) 5m (6 x 100m Strides)
Sunday 12m Medium-Long 12m Medium-Long 12m Medium-Long
Total Mileage 32m 32m 31m

On Tuesday I was meant to run… but I had a last minute request for work to go to Reading in the morning. This put back the whole day, which meant I didn’t end up having any time prior to the club AGM. So instead, it was Wednesday before I ran my 7 miles with 8 strides. The extra rest day really helped – my legs felt amazing, and the run was very comfortable. I even managed probably the fastest complete set of strides I’ve ever managed. This was very encouraging!

This meant I missed the rest on Wednesday and went back-to-back on Thursday with 7 miles and 3 x 1m Intervals. The book wanted 8, but I wanted to drop the mileage a little farther this week so cut it down just a tad, and made for a simple 2 mile warm up/down. I’ve always struggled with this session in the past. This time, I really nailed it. Some great reps, just a shame the last wasn’t a smidge quicker – but there were some obstacles slowing me down! Finished feeling like I’d had a good workout, but didn’t feel too battered. The taper may just be working!

On parkrunday we stayed close to home as I was still working on a DIY project I needed to be home for. Got in my 5 miles with strides. Got some funny looks as I was switching between 8m/m and then sprinting off at sub-5 pace! Good session though, with some super speedy strides.

Sunday was the last “long” run, 12 mile medium-long. My legs were still VERY sore from all the DIY which meant it was a lot tougher than it should have been. I really would have liked for it to be a real easy confidence builder. Not to be! I ran a decent pace though, and even managed to grab a CR on a segment I’ve had my eye on for a while.



Welll that’s pretty much it! All that’s left is a few recovery runs and a rehearsal run. I’m writing this on Easter Monday, full of chocolate. I’m off to Copenhagen tomorrow morning for work and will soend the next 5 days eating very clean as a last minute boost to self confidence. Before I know it, I’ll be at the expo!

Looking at my “Fitness Trend” I’m about where I need to be. With 6 days to go, I’m hoping my remaining runs keep me where I am at and let my legs freshen up.

And here’s what I’ll be doing next week!

Day Book Plan My Plan Notes
Monday Rest Rest
Tuesday 6m Recovery 5m Recovery  Just a minor mileage reduction
Wednesday 7m General Aerobic (2m Marathon Pace) 6m General Aerobic (2m Marathon Pace)  Just a minor mileage reduction
Thursday Rest 5m Recovery (6 x 100m Strides)
Friday 5m Recovery (6 x 100m Strides) Rest
Saturday 4m Recovery 3m Recovery  Just a minor mileage reduction
Sunday VMLM 2017 VMLM 2017
Total Mileage 22m (Pre-race!) 19m (Pre-race!)


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