Mission GFA: Exciting Update!

For the last couple of years I have been training to bring my Marathon time down to under 3.05. This would secure me a place in the London Marathon as a “Good For Age” time.

I’ve coveted an entry into the London Marathon for several years. 6 ballot rejections in a row including this year.

I’ve been jealous and disappointed twice a year for 6 years. Once when the ballot rejections come out, and then when the London Marathon is on TV. I’m always horrible to be around, lose my sense of humour and generally get a bit down in the dumps.

Not only for London though… Every ballot I’ve entered for an Abbott World Marathon Major in the last 3 years has ended in rejection.

But my luck has changed this year. Despite not getting in through the ballot, our running club was awarded an entry through England athletics. And I am delighted to say that it was my name drawn from our eligible members to represent our club. Which means I am running the London Marathon!


To say I am delighted is a massive understatement. Everyone in our small but perfectly formed club deserves to run the London Marathon and I do feel like I have taken the place of some else who deserves it just as much if not more than me.

But with that said I am determined to give it my best possible performance and make the club proud.

And that means fulfilling my target of running that good for age time!

I’ll be blogging weekly training updates like I did for both successful Manchester marathons as it kept me focussed on training. It comes as no surprise to me that as I lost my mojo training for Bournemouth it was at the same time I had no time to blog. If I’m not obsessing over my splits and times, I’m not trying hard enough!!

So whilst the game has changed, but the aim stays the same.  Get that GFA.

But failing that, my BQ time is only 3.10 🙂


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