New York Marathon Ballot

And another thing…AndNow, I know the New York Marathon is one of the World Marathon Majors… And I know its in one of the most amazing cities in the world… And I also know by that logic that the ballot for entries is insanely popular.

But their ballot entry system has to be one of the greatest extortions known to man! You have to pay $11 just to enter the ballot, and according to Runners World, then there were 80,000+ ballot entries last year. That’s an astonishing $880,000, just to be part of the draw.

Then, if by some miracle you get in (Knowing my chances in Marathon Major Ballots – I won’t) its then over $350 for your entry. With 50,000 places that’s $17.5million in entry fees – $18million including the draw money.

I’ll be expecting a leather goody bag by Louis Vuitton with PROPER treats in it for that kind of money.

Now, I understand that the laws of supply and demand mean the price is reflective of this, but to put this in some context, an entry to the London Marathon is less than £40 ($60).

What I can’t understand the disparity. Surely closing the roads of London and New York would be of similar cost? They have around 10k fewer runners in London, that couldn’t justify the massive price difference.

Naturally, if I win a place I will pay it, because I’m an idiot and I want to run it – but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. I will have to console myself in the faint glimmer of hope that someone, somewhere is benefiting from this scam through charitable channels.



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