Epson Runner!

The other week I clicked one of those “Win a blah blah” thing on Facebook. I never usually win things so I thought nothing of it until an email arrived in my Inbox this afternoon.

I have been selected as an “Epson Runner” and am one of 100 people being sent an Epson Runsense SF-810 in exchange for submitting at least 5 video reviews.

Runsense SF- 810

Looking at some of the marketing materials it boasts an integrated optical heart rate monitor, highly accurate GPS and on board cadence monitor. It does seem to lack some of the advanced features that my Forerunner 220 has, such as the ability to program workouts which I do use all the time.

But could this be a good payoff for more accurate pace display on the watch – which would be essential in a race?

Time will tell how good it is and if I want to continue using it or not. I will of course post my videos here too.


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