Greater Manchester Marathon 2016: Week 5 of 18

Well I finally faced my Christmas weight gain! I’m 18lbs away from where I want to be, which is an achievable pre-race goal. The chocolate stash we inherited over the holiday period is almost depleted so I’m hoping that my currently weak willpower will not need to be tested much more!

From a running point of view though, its been a mixed bag, but generally positive..

Run 1 was 9 miles with 5 at tempo. Pace wise I was just where I wanted to be. Unfortunately, and what has become a bit of a theme on my tempo runs, I tend to get GI issues, usually after about 3 miles. I had to stop in my tracks at 3.5 miles  this week and just wait for it to pass which took a couple of minutes. That unfortunately meant I had a bit of a rest mid tempo, which isn’t ideal. Other than that it was fine.

Run 2 was a nice recovery run with Jodie. Nothing much to write about there.

Run 3 was a 10 mile general aerobic run. I managed all of my miles at sub-8 pace despite all the climbing I did and felt really strong throughout. Unfortunately though, going down Cavalier Way i clipped the curb and took a hard tumble. I did manage to roll partially, but still took a mean scrape to my arm, hip, and leg.

Run 4 saw 5 recovery miles on a parkrunday visit to Exeter Riverside parkrun. It was a really lovely course but didn’t quite have the same buzz of a parkrun, and I’m not sure why. it was all a bit quiet. There were people talking during the run briefing and when they asked if there were any tourists we were pretty much dismissed as we were “only from Yeovil”! I’m sure they didn’t mean any offense. There wasn’t much of a fuss made for the volunteers either – and I do like applauding the volunteers at the start of a run.

The course itself is about a mile out on tarmac cycle path, then a mile loop around the university playing fields (mostly grass though it was a bit of a mudfest with all the recent weather) and then a miles drag back. The marshals were in good spirits as ever and I have to say the course was very picturesque. It was lovely running along the river.


What was strange was that they did the token scanning inside the cafe. Which is OK, but it was a 400m walk to the cafe, past the car park. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t lose a lot of tokens from first timers due to this.

Run 5 was a key session, a 16 miler with 10 at Marathon pace. This was 2 miles longer than the previous version of the session, which I felt I ran too fast to be sustainable. This time I reduced the pace a touch and ran it at a 3:11 average pace (targetting 3:12 pace with sub-3:15 as the end goal). I’m not going to lie, it was hard. It will be easier when I’m a stone lighter though!


Next week is a recovery week, so I’ll be running all my runs at the low end of my pace zones. Its also the last week of the “Endurance” mesocycle. Where did the time go?? The recovery I hope will help my legs rest a bit before I start running a weekly threshold sessions in the next mesocycle.

On the whole though, despite my shameful weight gain, I am actually feeling really strong. I have no injury niggles (famous last words) and my legs are only feeling an amount of fatigue I can class as “normal” given the mileage I’ve been running. Mentally, I feel focused and I’m keen to get out and do the next run. As I am running the paces a stone overweight I’m feeling confident that when I shift the weight I should be well on track.

Now I just need to lose the weight…




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