10 days back in the groove… and it’s bloody hard work

Note: I wrote this last week, but WordPress post scheduling seems to have ignored it! So posting now. 

As the title suggests, Its now been 10 days since  we arrived back from honeymoon and I started training again in earnest. Its been a pretty brutal shock to the system.

Physically its been tough. But I expected that, as after a break you can’t reasonably expect to be at the level you were… especially after a hefty weight gain… but I still can’t reconcile that knowledge against my frustration when looking at my times. But then again, that’s what getting all of this out in blog for is for… my own personal catharsis!

I’ve had 3 key sessions since my last post.

Firstly, a set of 8 x 600m Intervals. The first bit of speedwork I’d done for 7 weeks, and that was a virus/PF riddled failure.  It was HARD. My reps were nowhere near where I wanted them to be. Last time I did a set of these I averaged under 6 minute miling. This time around it was a struggle to stay under 7 minute miling!

Secondly, a set of 6 x 2 minute hill repeats. Looking back through my activity history, the last time I did similar reps was a year ago. The distance up the hill I got averaged 0.26m, the same as my most recent session. Thinking that through in my head I can’t stop thinking “I’ve lost all the progress I made over the last 12 months”.

Thirdly, a set of Tempo Intervals, 3 x 7mins. I should have been doing these at around 6:45s if I was at peak. I just about managed sub 7s. But considering last time I tried this session before the wedding I wanted to curl up and cry, it wasn’t so bad.

But analyzing the results now, I can identify signs of encouragement already. On Thursday I could barely hold 7 minute miling for a 600m rep with 2 minute rests. But by Tuesday, I was sustaining the same pace for over a mile at a time with 3 minute jogs between.

Next week I’ve got my first tester, the Yeovilton 5k. From there I’ll see where I really am and how far away I am from where I want to be. I just hope the next week goes well so I can give it a good effort!


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