Time for a new plan!

So now I’m a married man, it appears I’ve already let myself go. I have a noticable weight gain since our amazing 3 week honeymoon, and I’m keen to shift it fast. That, and a renewed motivation to get training for the Great Birmingham Run means I need a new plan.

As mentioned in my last post, my ultimate goal is to reach 13st3lbs by the age of 33, which I turn on Nov 10th. I’m not convinced this is feasible yet, as I haven’t had the opportunity to weight myself post-honeymoon as I’ve not been home. But that will be my starting point. I at least want to finally break the 8 stone barrier… 13st 13lbs also has a nice ring to it and be an adequate secondary goal.

I’ve always found running faster and losing weight to be complimentary to each other, goal wise. The lighter you are the less energy you need to run, so can use the energy to go faster. Also, when you are training carrying extra weight it also provides an extra training stimulus… think about running whilst wearing pack with an arbitrary 10lbs, that has to help when its gone right?

To acheive the weight loss along with the running I need to control my calories, and I’m going back to using MyFitnessPal. My username on there is mattywarr if you want to follow me. I’ve always had the best results when I make myself FULLY accountable for whats going in my body.

As part of this, I am also considering my nutrition – specifically post run. Last year I experimented a bit with recovery shakes, and they seemed to do me some good. So after every session (Excluding recovery jogs) I’ll be having a recovery drink of some sort to help build muscle and recover those muscles faster.

And then of course there is my training plan. I’ve learned a lot over the last year and have designed my own training regime for this campaign. I only hope it works! Some of the lessons I’ve picked up and applied for this cycle are:

  • There are my usual prerequisites, like no back to back hard days, no increase in mileage over 10% per week.
  • More recovery runs. P&D taught me that easy mileage should be very easy an I’ll be following the same principles.
  • Rotating my quality sessions. Back when I was following the Bupa Intermediate plan it rotated Tempo work, Intervals and Hill Repeats. I’ve rotated tempo and hill repeats, as i want to do my regular interval session with the running group to build back up my core speed.
  • Strides. I found these to be fantastic for my running form and speed, so am going to use them in this plan too.
  • Race pace in my long runs. This was another key component from P&D, and I’ve adopted a similar approach for this plan, running the last x miles at race pace to get my body used to it, hopefully without burning it out!

August is all about building mileage back up and getting my body used to running at a decent pace again. Shorter tempo runs and running at the slower end of my pace zones. I am going to run the Yeovilton 5k early in the month as a way of gauging my current fitness levels. From this, I may end up further adjusting my pace zones for the remainder of the programme as to avoid injury. I know I’m not in good condition right now and would be silly to overdo it.


In September I’ll run the Yeovilton 5k and use it as a progress measure. My pace zones will be adjusted and as I will be up to where I want to be volume-wise, I am going to increase the intensity, peaking at the end of the month with a 14 miler with 6 at Half-Marathon pace. I have highlight the Bath Two Tunnels 10k as another race to test my fitness, but may opt for another long run yet or switch to a different race. Maybe even do a hard parkrun the week after instead.


And in October its just tapering. I’ll run my hardest tempo run before drioopping the volume off and recovering a bit for the race.


I’ll update on a weekly basis as to how my sessions went. As for the race itself, I am running it as part of a team at work. Though running as a team, I still want to finish first in that team! Bragging rights in the office would be quite nice…

Watch this space, and thanks for reading!


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