Monthly Review: April 2015

April was marathon month. Little to report from an effectivity of training point of view, given that I tapered, raced and then recovered from Manchester! But lets look at how training went compared to plan anyway.


Everything went to plan all until I went to Dubai for work. it was an amazing experience, but the timing of it was a bit wrong. I missed some sessions, and ended up on a treadmill a couple of times which I both hate, and have no idea how effectively calibrated it was… But that said, I did get in a lovely run around the marina.



Thankfully the week in Dubai was in taper, so I was only really doing some easy running, but the travel element did take its toll on the body a bit. But never mind 🙂

Of course the big news this month was my result in Manchester, completing my second marathon. I set a nice PB though just about missed my target.

Writing this I have had a week of no running and have had 2 runs and an interval session. All three of which have been much harder work than they should have been, but I’m still recovering.

Lets have a look at the targets I’ve set myself, all of which I have failed!

  • Run a sub-20 minute 5k – We went to Reading parkrun where this was meant to happen. That’ll teach me to recce the route better first! This was all off road and I thought it was tarmac. So it was much tougher than i thought.
  • Reach a weight of 13st13lbs for Manchester – I got to within 2lbs, but a week away in Dubai on company expenses meant I drank and ate more than I would have done at home. With my recovery week this has now gone up further, so need to knuckle down this month and get it back under control.
  • Run a sub-3:20 Marathon – I was 33 seconds away. But still a good return and I am happy to have come that close.

Looking ahead to the next month, I have a variety of things going on, and no real structured training plan to follow. All I know is, I want to break that sodding 20 minute 5k barrier! Unfortunately, with a 24 hour relay race coming up, I’m not convinced I’ll be able to recover quickly enough to do it at the upcoming Yeovilton race this month so have come up with some alternatives.

  • Set a course best timeat Yeovil Montacute parkrun (Ideally, sub 21)
  • Get my weight back under control, so I’ll set myself a sensible 1lb per week target for that. Reach 14st2lbs
  • I have the Glastonbury 10k on Sunday so I think I’ll try and have a crack at a PB there, though I’m not convinced I’ve recovered enough for it.





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