Monthly Review: March 2015

Looking back on my February review, it was the start of the “Race Preparation” mesocycle of my P&D 18/55 training plan, and I said…

The intention for the mesocycle is to increase base speed in conjunction with the base and threshold endurance. So these should see if the training is really working.

Now I am getting around to reviewing my March progress, I can’t quite believe how effective it actually was.

As always, lets look at my activities for the month. I don’t spend too much time reviewing these at the moment as my weekly update discuss these in depth.


marchpart2I ran all the days I said I would, and even had a double day as I hunted a Jantastic Badge down! Some of the days I’ve had to shift as we spent a lot of weekends in Basingstoke which meant Fridays were travel days, so I moved the runs to Thursday. It was an unusual month in that it actually stretched across 6 different calendar weeks!

I nailed my key Marathon Paced session, I nailed my Half Marathon practise race (with a PB) and also set a very good time on a tough parkrun course. Los to be proud of from those sessions.


This month, the progress summary is a little bit Skewed. The average run distance should be a little higher, but the last long run was split over 2 sessions to include the Yeovil half Marathon. Normally I’d have paused the watch, but as I was trying to pace a friend, I needed to make sure I knew exactly where we were. Additionally, I had one extra bonus short run of 0.5 miles for the Jantastic badge, so in real terms, my overall mileage was 225.7 miles across 22 runs which makes an average run length of 10.25 miles, so an increase!

This also means that in real terms my average elevation gain is skewed, so it should be even HIGHER than is shown there! Its a new record climbing in a month, which I’m pleased with and hope the strength shows in my legs come Manchester.


I have also set a new monthly volume best, but as mentioned, slightly skewed by the fact that the month started on a 20 mile Sunday, but still 225 miles in a month is not to be sniffed at, and comes at the peak of the training plan. Now my taper can consolidate some of the training effects this increased volume has hopefully brought me.

It’s also nice to see a slight increase in average run speed, but this is affected a bit by my half marathon PB, so in real terms its probably about on a par.

Here are the targets I set myself and how I got on with them.

  • Set a new 5k PB – Fail! – The 5k parkrun we did was on the tough Alice Holt course. Not a PB, but if it were a flat course it definitely would have been.
  • Set a new Half Marathon PBSuccess! Smashed it! 90:08, so close to sub-90, but maybe next time.
  • Set a new monthly mileage recordSuccess! 225 miles this month.

So now it comes to April, and I only have 2 goals.

  • Run a sub-20 minute 5k (I swear this is the fourth time Ive set this target)
  • Reach a weight of 13st13lbs for Manchester
  • Run a sub-3:20 Marathon

I’m tapering and recovering this month, so any other goals would be completely moot.

Its time to see this campaign out and get down to business. Bring it on!



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