Manchester Marathon Training: Week 15 of 18

I entered this week of training knowing two things. One, I was bloody shattered following the Reading Half. And Two, this was the final big week of training before the taper. And now it has finished, I have to say, its a relief.

Here is what P&D had me down for…


…VS what I actually did. It was actually pretty close, except I failed my Interval session, I was still recovering from the race, my Saturday run was a bit quick, I had a bonus run for a Jantastic badge, and my 20 miler was split across 2 to take into account that I did the Yeovil Half Marathon.


Waking up on Monday was bloody agony. I woke up still absolutely creamed from the day before, and my legs really didn’t want to work. I managed a 5 mile walk to stretch them a bit which may have helped in advanced of Tuesday’s 7 mile recovery run with strides, but I wasn’t convinced. Though the strides started strong, they weren’t exactly consistent and faded near the end of the set.

On Wednesday I was down for a 10 miler with 4 x 1200m Intervals. I knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to be a success as I still felt tired. But I gave it a go. The first rep was OK, but the 2nd rep I just had nothing left, so did an extended jog home. I’m not too concerned about it, I was asking a bit much to expect any sort of speed so soon after the race!

Thursday was a rest day, which was unusual for me as usually I’ve had to switch my Friday runs for Thursday as I was travelling. So when Friday came along, after a long stressful day at work, finishing late, the LAST thing I wanted to do was drag myself out for an 11 mile medium-long run. But I did, and it went well, I even managed a decent progression and a marathon paced last mile.

Saturday was parkrunday and I ran at “home” for the first time for ages! I was meant to run it at recovery pace but ended up a bit quicker than that. It was great catching up with everyone and chatting with people as I progressed through the field. Though everyone made fun of my (definitely not) amazing cakes!

16953002392_f016c6e301In the afternoon I needed to go to the shop, and I had this niggle that I still had one potential Jantastic badge to get. The badge award was for any run which had an average page of 6:30m/m or less. Unfortunately, on my only “legitimate” attempt, a rounding issue done me out of it! So I went for a brisk half mile effort to try and win the badge. Cheeky maybe, but hey – I’ll take it! And it’s only for a badge – I wouldn’t have classed it if I needed it to complete the challenge proper.

Sunday was the Yeovil Half Marathon which I was running as part of a 20 miler. So I got up ridiculously early and did a 7 miler to “warm up” (Though it was miserbale, cold and wet). Then prepped for the half with the Running for Time group and met Ryan who I was trying to pace round in 1:57.

Credit to Olly Ayles
Credit to Olly Ayles

Unfortunately due to injury related fatigue, we didn’t hit the pace target, but we did have a brilliant time, it was well supported and I chatted with so many friends. Despite the weather I had a really good time!

This week therefore, along with completing the “Race Preparation” mesocycle marked the end of Jantastic, with which I scored 100%! I’ll post tomorrow detailing my experiences, but I have to say I love the challenge and love what it did for my running.


Now the hard work and high mileage is over, its time to cut back in volume and maintain intensity as I navigate the pitfalls of taper madness and let my legs recover. Its brilliant getting through the bulk of the programme unscathed and I’m now itching to get to the start line!

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