Monthly Review: February 2015

February has been a month of ups and downs. Some weeks have been good, some bad, and whats clear is that I am pushing my body right to the edge. I think I am reaching my mileage limits, but I’m not pushing them far enough to make it a real problem. I am still being very consistent and I am still seeing signs of improvement – and best of all, still not injured!


I ran all the sessions I was meant to aside from the last week, where I was just too tired and missed some of my targets. I secured a new PB over 5k at Newbury parkrun (Though still not quite my sub-20 target!) and my marathon paced run was a success. So some of the real key sessions were just what was needed.

I set myself these goals for the month.

  • Score 100% in Jantastic for February – Success! Ran the quantity of runs I needed and nailed the distances I said I would.
  • Increase my average elevation gain vs. January – Success! A small increase, probably would have been a bit more if it weren’t for my abandoned run.
  • Get my weight down to 13st 10lbs (2lbs per week) – Failed – I haven’t even weighed myself for a few weeks, but I know I’m not near this target, and need to reassess my weight target pre-Manchester.


Distance wise it was over 200 miles again, but not an increase on January. However, the average run length was longer, the month was shorter (And therefore 4 runs less) and the time spent running was the same. So though the numbers match, they indicate improvement still.

The elevation gain was an increase again, more so than last years marathon campaign but not quite as much as September – though I’m sure it would have been if the month was longer.

So the final mesocycle of my training plan starts this week and lasts a month. So when looking at the targets I’m setting I should take this into account. The mesocycle is “Race Preparation” which means I have 2 5k time trials and a Half Marathon, both as practise races. The intention for the mesocycle is to increase base speed in conjunction with the base and threshold endurance. So these should see if the training is really working.

  • Set a new 5k PB
  • Set a new Half Marathon PB
  • Set a new monthly mileage record

I’m not setting specific time goals for these – I would be happy with PBs without setting the pressure of a TOO ambitious target. I do however, still need to choose a target for Jantastic!

By the end of March I’ll have started tapering for the big goal. Its a big month ahead!



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