Manchester Marathon Training: Week 10 of 18

Well its week 10 of 18 and I’m still uninjured, still running to plan, and still on track for sub 3:20 if all is well. 3:15 isn’t a million miles beyond the realms of possibility, but more on that later.

This week, the P&D schedule called for the below versus what I actually ran.

week 10

Strictly speaking, a recovery week, but how a 45+ mile week can be called “recovery” is tough to understand!

Tuesday’s general aerobic 8 miler was run slightly quicker than I should have, as I wanted to test the legs after last Sunday’s marathon paced effort. Pleasingly, the run went really well including the amount of climbing I had to do.

Unfortunately, this had a knock-on effect on Wednesday’s first Interval session of the programme, an 8 miler with 5 x 800m efforts at quicker than 5k pace. My legs felt heavy and lethargic from the start, and though I just about managed to keep my reps in line with where I needed them, it wasn’t a particularly pleasant session!

Thursday was a straightforward enough 5 mile recovery run, which was fine except for a case of the “gingerbreads” meaning I needed a detour via the shopping center!

Saturday is where things were a bit different. As we are spending many weekends away from home at the moment, we have a wide range of parkruns to choose from in the Basingstoke area, where the in-laws live.  I looked at the training plan and figured a quick parkrun and a 5 mile recovery run afterwards was a good alternative to an 8 mile GA run with some strides. So it was settled – we were off to Newbury!


I registered a new 5k PB (20:22) which was a little off of my target. I need to be in sub 20 shape for a realistic crack at 3:15, which is what I’d love to be able to target for Manchester. Its also been a long term goal for a while so I’d love to get it as part of my marathon build up. It is great to know that I am on track for sub 3:20 though!

Sunday was scheduled for a 14 mile MLR, however Jodie and I need to get some races in (for top secret reasons) and we had entered the Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon. the intention was to do it at LR pace, but decided I wanted to do some marathon paced stuff too, so ran the second half at MP. The effort needed to sustain MP was higher than usual though, thanks to the bitterly cold wind and rain! I’ll do a full review of the race later in the week, when the photos are online – though In excellent news, despite it being a “training run” with poor conditions, Jodie bagged a PB!

Not a lot new to report this week. Jantastic is still progressing and I hope to have a bunch of new badges next week. Still maintaining 100% there and I have set my March targets, with my “Timed run” target being 19:59 for 5k. With any luck it’ll be faster rather than slower than that! The next mesocycle brings in the speedwork which I hope will help with that mini mission.


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