When Jantastic meets discipline

Following yesterday’s epic 18 mile marathon paced session, the 150 mile 5am drive to work this morning was a little more challenging than usual. Not only was I mentally tired from the shortened amount of sleep I had (not a good idea for recovery, especially when Strava just rated your suffer score as “Extreme”) but my muscles were achy and stiff. My eyes could barely stay open!

Following that up with hard day at work I was feeling a little drained. There were several things running around my head.

  • My legs could really do with a recovery run to shake off the stiffness
  • I need to burn some calories to help me lose weight this week
  • I’m in a hotel room on my own tonight
  • There’s a Jantastic badge to be earned for completing 6 runs in a week
  • It’s -1 degrees and there’s a Jantastic badge for that too!

However, written in clear letters at the top of my training plan for this week was this stark reminder:


It was my first “recovery week” of the program, and its a noticeable drop in intensity and volume. Therefore I deduced that on tired legs I’d be stupid to go out for a run. It would do me FAR more harm than good.

Having previously written about how much walking helped me through my Paris training, I figured I’d brave the baltic conditions of the West Midlands and headed out for a brisk 5k walk.¬†And the mission was a success! My legs feel much better (though still a bit fatigued), calories burned, and it killed an hour.

But those Jantastic badges had better watch out… I’m coming for them next week!

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