Monthly Review: December 2014

When I wrote my November review I discussed that I didn’t think I was over training. With the benefit of an additional months hindsight, the abject failure to achieve any of my December goals, and 3 weeks properly structured training with rest and recovery days, I now recognise that that’s EXACTLY what i did. I’ve never been more convinced by the principles in the P&D Advanced Marathoning book, and Daniels Running formula about the importance of a balanced training regime (Which I didn’t really have in November), and have learned some important lessons.

I think I’ve cleared the worst of the overtraining side effects now. My running in December, despite race times not reaching the heights I hoped, finished with a flourish. a 5k PB (By a measly 6 seconds, though Basingstoke isn’t exactly a fast course course) was a nice Christmas present. I even found myself, by sticking with my marathon training plan, really excited to be running again and motivated to get out. This has been a great boost!


You can see in the above calendar my abysmal Street 5k performance. I just had nothing in the tank, and it didn’t help that I was unwell (Not that I was prepared to admit pre race or immediately post race, instead preferring a stroppy cool down walk). I took a clear 3 days off and skipped a long run – which was the first time thats happened for a while! This clearly helped me, and if nothing else I have a score to settle on the course – I think I’ll target the last race in the series!

Usually here I’ll analyse the goals I set for the month. Simple analysis: I hit none of them.

  • Sub-42 at the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k – I managed 42:44. Conditions WERE tough though, very windy.
  • Sub-20 at the Street 5k OR Basingstoke parkrun – Street was the peak of my crisis. Basingstoke I did manage to set a PB on a not so easy course.
  • Reach a weight of 13st 13lbs – Ha! It was Christmas, not sure why I deluded myself!


In positive news the progress report showed an increase in average speed, a decrease in distance and a constant in average elevation gain. This means despite the shorter distance I did the same climbs – which indicates steeper/more frequent inclines! I firmly believe that the elevation gained last year helped me massively in Paris, so I’ll be looking to build that back up again in this campaign.

My goals for January are simple. Its base building for the Marathon, my “Endurance” mesocycle, and of course it’s Jantastic!

  • Score 100% in Jantastic
  • Increase the Average elevation gain
  • Get my weight down to my pre-christmas weight (14st 3lbs)

Keep it simple and achievable. You’d have thought I could design a decent set of SMART objectives after getting my MBA but apparently not!

(I know these are really superceded by my weekly marathon training posts, but its good to look back at the bigger picture too – not to mention these will need to continue after the marathon!)

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