Yearly Review: 2014

So the year has come and gone, and what a year it was. In my head I had planned to write an enormously long analysis and diatribe of the year, micro-analysing every detail and statistic. But instead I though I’d just go through the highlight reel. And boy, were there some highlights.

I wonder what next year will bring?

I completed my first marathon, in the time I targetted and set out to do.


I proposed to my girlfriend, who said yes.


I started a blog.


I joined a running club.


I became the Event Director at my local parkrun.


I reached my long time weight loss goal.


I smashed all of my race time targets I set at the beginning of the year.


I ran 1833 miles, gaining 23442 meters of elevation.


My average run speed increased to 6.7 mph

I planned most of next years wedding.

All in all a highly pleasing year. Happy new year everyone, and here’s to a fantastic 2015.

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