Manchester Marathon Training: Week 1 of 18

So my Marathon Training plan, (18 weeks, up to 55 miles from the Advanced Marathoning book by Pfitzinger and Douglas) has officially kicked in. The first week is done and dusted and I couldn’t be happier. 3 key sessions this week aside from the rest and recovery runs, but had to do some shuffling around to accommodate work and Christmas parties!

The calendar shows me planned runs vs actual runs.


With the P&D plan, you shouldn’t run the day after a long run. However, this was week 1 and I didn’t run on Sunday, so running my Lactate Threshold run on Monday was OK. As I knew I would be travelling back from Birmingham on Thursday I knew I wouldn’t be able to get in a 9 miler, and as I had a rest day on Tuesday, I switched out the Wednesday and Thursday runs.

According to the actual plan, Saturday should have been a 4m Recovery run, but as we were away for the weekend and the opportunity was there for some parkrun tourism, we went to the beautiful Lanhydrock parkrun instead.

What an amazing course and a brilliantly friendly team! It was a real toughie, with the second half being all uphill aside from a quick downhill finish. Got some brilliant photos too.

Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_003

And the cafe was magnificent! Highly recommend this run, well worth the travel!

Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_022

The week was rounded off with a 13mile Medium Long Run with 8m at Marathon Pace. This was the key session of the week and the one that filled me with the most apprehension.

According to the book, the run is supposed to start at your long run pace, and crank it up speed wise to run the last x miles at intended marathon pace. I modified it slightly so I had a mile cool down back at long run pace before finishing up. My main issue was being worried about running at marathon pace in the middle of a long run – but I needn’t have been. That may change as the runs get longer but this session I just nailed.

The first 4 miles I increased the speed by 20s per mile and found the sub 3.20 marathon pace (7.36m/m), maintaining a good cadence and keeping a reasonably consistent pace in spite of nearly 200m of elevation.

So all in all I can look back on week 1 happy with my efforts, raring to go into week 2 (Christmas week!) high on confidence.

Here’s some more photos from Lanhydrock.

Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_010 Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_011 Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_018 Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_016 Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_10_13_14_Pro Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_023 Matt's Nokia Lumia 930_20141220_019



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