Marathon Fever!

Knowing it was “London Marathon Ballot Allocation Week”, as soon as I received this text message I knew exactly what it meant.


Ignoring the number of kisses we exchange which is a whole other story, I knew this meant that she’d been granted a London Marathon place.

For those that don;t know, the London Marathon allocates its entries for home runners at random. The week after the race, you have to declare your intent for the following year. Then, the first week in October, they pick at random the lucky entrants. They then send a magazine out to everyone. If you are lucky, you get one of these.


If you aren’t lucky, you get one which just says “Sorry” on the cover. I elected not to take a photo of that as I proceeded to “file” it in the bin.

Jodie has entered the ballot for the last 5 years, and finally got lucky. I am hugely jealous of her as I would LOVE to run London, but more than that I am SO EXCITED! When I read the message, I was in the car and I let out a little girly squeal of excitement!

We had both entered the ballot, but I also signed up for a place in the Manchester Marathon, which takes place the week before London. The idea was, if we both got in I would “Race” Manchester, and run it with her as she is a little slower than me. If I got in and not her, I would defer til next year hoping she’d get in then.

But her getting in on her own is almost the perfect scenario. She gets to run the greatest marathon in the world as her first (And hopefully want to run more!) with all the support, the atmosphere and furore that goes along with it. I get to support her, which is something she has been so good at for me and I am delighted to be able to do the same for her. And, i still get to experience the event without worrying about running back to back marathons.

Words can’t describe how excited I am! I’ve already committed to my training plan for Manchester and I can’t wait to write her a plan so i can fit it in with my own running so we can run together as much as possible. And I just know, when she crosses the finish line, I’ll be prouder of her than I have ever been of my own achievements.

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  1. Congratulations to Jodie & commiserations to you. I’m one of the lucky (I think??) ones who actually managed to get a place first time entering so its all balls to the wall for training now. I think its great you’ll still be able to train together. My OH’s response was to burst into fits of laughter when he heard my news, he also refuses to train with me the miserable sod 🙂

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