Monthly Review: September 2014

Well, that sure flew by. What an incredibly fast month. For me it was dominated by tapering and racing with seemingly little actual training. Certainly when it come to “Quality Sessions” they were distinctly lacking, but the race results were just delightful.


I missed one planned training session. Truth be told, I was abslutely exhausted after a long work week. It was just an easy run and it was the week before the Bristol half, so I justified it b the fact I was tapering! The things we tell ourselves to get out of a run!

So lets take a look at the goals I set for the month.

  • Run Sub 1h40mins at the Bristol Half Marathon
  • Run Sub 21min at the Yeovilton 5k
  • Complete 22 runs in September

I am delighted to have set two very big PBs this month. Yeovilton was always part of my strategy – I knew if I could go fast at Yeovilton I’d go fast at Bristol. I knew I’d put the training in and if I’m honest I would have liked to have gone a little quicker – but I can’t have it all! The time was 20.46 which, if you’d have told me I’d get by the end of the year, I’d have laughed in your face at. So now is it realistic to get to sub 20 this year? I hope so.

Bristol was more of a surprise. I went out at a comfortable pace for the first 8 miles and then just managed to hang on. On effort it was about right, and was a good example of when to ignore our Garmin. It just felt good. 1.35.57 was beyond my wildest dreams! And it’s made a sub 3.30 marathon in spring, which I thought would be a stretch for me, look much more achievable. Hopefully I can go sub 90 minutes at some point next year, one of my major lifetime targets.

I didn’t complete my 22 runs – but then again, my other acheivements were so satisfying I don’t really mind! Though in October I’ll be shooting for “100% Attendance”!

Here’s the progress report.


So, what are my goals for October? Well, I have my first 10 mile race, the Great South Run. It’s another mass participation race organised by Bupa. These are great fun and I have a target time in mind for that. However that said, I’ll also be looking to have a mini taper for it too.

I’d like to get my average elevation back up as its always good training, and I’d also like to ensure I remain consistent in my training frequency.

This week, I have started running in my new training zones too. I thought they would be a lot tougher than they have been (Though that’s easy to say, I’ve only done two of them, and neither have been real “Sessions”) So I’m going to try and focus on hitting my splits at consistent paces, within the right training zones. This is more difficult to analyse, but I’m keen to get them right.

Goals For October

  • Run the Great South Run in Sub 1:13
  • Run 24 times in the month
  • Achieve an average elevation gain of over 100m
  • Run consistent paces in line with training zones


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