– Predictor extraordinaire!

If I ever need a reason to trust in the race time estimates and training paces at McMillan Running, I just need to look at this.


My half marathon PB I set on Sunday is almost perfectly in line with the 5k PB I set on the previous Wednesday! (Ok so it’s 3 seconds out – more than forgivable!).

But this trust thing is a double edged sword. It also suggests that I could improve my 10k time (which means a serious fast long effort), and scarily, a 3.21 marathon!

One thing is for sure – using the calculated training paces the site has given me has delivered success. Countless PBs this year now, every race it seems. So if I stick to the paces they say, maybe 3.21 isn’t so scary after all…

… And if that’s not scary, how about sub 3.15?

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