Return of the weigh in…

It would be fair to say I’ve been rather more relaxed about my weightless since I broke my previous goal. I’ve found myself feeling much less self inflicted pressure to carry on shedding pounds, have been relying far less on MyFitnessPal, and generally just been a bit more relaxed about my eating whilst still training.

As such, I’ve not really been weighing in on a regular basis. A couple of weeks back, before I went on holiday, I weighed in at 14st10, so a net increase of 3lbs. But after a solid weeks graft I’ve been able to gain that back, and then some.

Weight: 14st5lbs (-2lbs, 12lbs to go)
Body Fat%: 21.7% (-0.7%, 6.3% to go)

So I’m now exactly 1 stone lighter than my Paris weight! With 2 weeks to go until Bristol Half Marathon, I’m hoping I can get that down to 14st flat.

All really good numbers and I am of course delighted…

… But not as delighted as I was to buy new jeans at the weekend… In a 34 inch waist! THIRTY-FOUR! I’ve not been this slim since I was 16! They are the first jeans I’ve bought since Christmas, those being a 38 waist. Jodie kept telling me they were hanging off me, but I was scared to buy new ones. I don’t really know why, but I felt like I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get into a 34.

Still this is only one brand of jeans. Some others I could get on, but they weren’t what I’d call comfortable. Hopefully by the time I reach my final goal weight I’ll be comfortable in any 34s that are going. I shouldn’t think I’ll fit into 32s ever, just not got that build!

Either way, I am absolutely over the moon. Now time to try a final push for that dream goal weight.

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