Monthly Review: August 2014

You may have noticed my weekly training reviews have stopped. I found that regurgitating the data from Garmin Connect isn’t really necessary on a week by week basis, and with work and wedding activity ramping up its not actually beneficial to do it weekly. its that sort of micro-analysing that might drive me mad!

So August. What a month. The weather went from heat to storms to cold to warm again. My job changed and I’ve been doing a lot more travel and as such my training plan had to be remodelled somewhat. Some runs were missed but thats just life. It was no good beating myself up about it.


I set myself 2 goals for August in last months review.

  • Further increase in Month-on-Month Mileage to > 200mi
  • Increase the Average Elevation Gain

Using the summary report makes it nice and easy for me to see if I achieved it or not.


As I knew, I did not manage to exceed my monthly mileage. I can’t be too hard on myself with this. As mentioned, I had to work away from home, had a trade show and had a weeks holiday. To have ended the month only 2 miles short of the previous month is actually quite pleasing.

The elevation gain however has been achieved. This has been to two factors. Firstly, an increase in the reps of my Hill Repeat workouts. Secondly, I have ben deliberately running inclines on easy runs my legs ARE fatigued, just in time for the taper in the coming month.

A stat that was pleasing to see is that my average speed is on the increase as well. Yes, I know I set a 10k PB, but for my general training pace to be increased on the whole is very encouraging.

My target race for this training cycle is in 3 weeks time at the Bristol Half Marathon. So setting targets for September is a bit trickier. I have a time target for the race, but with tapering, easing back on training and having a couple of days off Post-Race I am moving the goalposts a bit. I am however running a local 5k flat road race as a fitness test too.

Goals for September

  • Run Sub 1h40mins at the Bristol Half Marathon
  • Run Sub 21min at the Yeovilton 5k
  • Complete 22 runs in September

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