Training: W/C 18th August 2014

Usual training roundup!

Last Week

Monday: 5m Easy – Still away for work so this will be 5 miles as and when I can get them. I was away for work, and before I went I had all the good intentions to complete all my runs, but the practicalities of the situation meant I just had to get in what I could. So I squeezed in this 5 miler early doors. It wasn’t the nicest run, and the route I had planned was based upon the postcode I was given for the accommodation – but didn’t bank on that being wrong! So I just did an out and back. [Garmin Activity]

Tuesday: 7m Easy – Supposed to be a club run, but away with work so who knows where this will take me! See above. Unfortunately due to time constraints, this was cancelled. I could have run this early, but I was exhausted and would have meant getting up at 5.30 – body said no!

Wednesday: 20/15mins Tempo – Extending my Threshold runs again, hopefully I’ll get through this relatively unscathed! After missing my long run and ‘yesterday’s’ 7 miler I was apprehensive about this. But I needn’t have been. Totally nailed it! [Garmin Activity]

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 10 x 2mins Hill Repeats – Usual hill, just extra reps of it. My least favourite session, but probably the most beneficial! Oh. My. God. This was tough. It was very consistent, getting within about 2 meters on every rep (Despite what the Garmin said) and I managed to stop the workout midway through so the activities are a bit weird. But on the whole a good session. Don’t fancy doing it again in a hurry though! [Garmin Activity | Part 2]

Saturday: 5m Easy – Will probably run to parkrun. No run to parkrun this week, had a day out with the missus and she was nice enough to make dinner for me so I could squeeze this one in. REALLY felt it in the legs though, after Friday’s session. [Garmin Activity]

Sunday: 14m LSR – Rescheduled from last week. Didn’t think it wise to jump straight up to 15. Started well, got in a lot of elevation, but man, my legs struggled. I think Friday was still recovering in my legs. That and I think I probably should have taken water with me. Felt very uncomfortable after 8 miles, but gritted my teeth and got through it.  [Garmin Activity]

This Week

Monday: 5m Easy – Usual easy 5 miler. No Josh so just with Simon this week.

Tuesday: Club Run – Depending how the legs feel I’ll try the 6 or 7 miler. Last time out though, the 7 miler became closer to 8 which I really don’t fancy with a tempo run the day after, so will do an easy run regardless.

Wednesday: 20/15/5mins Tempo – Bit more running at threshold. Need to extend the route though, ran out of road last time out!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 7 x 1km Intervals – A tasty speed session. Will run the ninesprings paths again, as a route for comparison with when I did 6 x 1km a couple of weeks back. Also, rather than running it at the old planned pace, think I’ll try them at the 1mi pace I ran last week (About 6.40m/m) and see how I get on.

Saturday: Rest or 3m Recovery – As I’m racing Sunday I don’t want to over exert the legs. If I get the opportunity to run at parkrun, I’ll do it at 30m pace, otherwise I think I’ll pass and just take a walk instead.

Sunday: RACE – Battle of Sedgemoor 10k – Good flat local race organised by Langport Runners. My target for this is to go sub 45 minutes. I think I have it in me, just need to rest up and have good confidence in myself. Figers crossed!

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