Training: W/C 4th August 2014

So first a review of last weeks activities. Here is what I had planned and how the sessions went.

Last Week

Monday: 5m Easy – The usual 5miles with Josh and Simon, will be doing a flatter route though after a tough last 5 days running. Josh didn’t make it, but we did the usual flat route just tagged an extra mile on the end. [Garmin Activity]

Tuesday: Club Run – Probably the 6ish mile option. This will probably get shelved to an early run or a thursday run as am probably going to the seaside with Jodie and family! Yep got up super early and did 7 easy miles instead. [Garmin Activity]

Wednesday: 15/10/5mins Tempo – My threshold intervals increase again. These are really tough but I think they are giving me the most benefit. its good to ramp these up a bit at a time! I was really worried about this run for some reason, I thought I was in no shape for it but it felt awesome! Smashed it! [Garmin Activity]

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 8 x 2mins Hill Repeats – Usual Hendford Hill repeats in all likelihood, but may have to change it up as I’ll be going to Basingstoke either Friday or Saturday so will need to fit this in somewhere. Went to Basingstoke on Saturday so got this session in as usual. All my reps were of similar distance (Within 10 meters) though the sensitivity of the watch doesn’t record it all accurately all the time, but they were on par with last time’s efforts, with an extra 2 reps. [Garmin Activity]

Saturday: 5m Easy – If I’m in Yeovil, I’ll run this super early. If I’m in Basingstoke, I’ll run Basingstoke parkrun instead. Yeovil, super early option. I actually only managed 4.2 miles as I had an overwhelming toilet call and literally had to stop there and then. [Garmin Activity]

Sunday: 13m LSR – Most likely a leisurely early one in Basingstoke to avoid the heat. Good early start on a nice route helped along by Endomondo on my phone keeping me on track. Had 2 close calls on the toilet front so had a little stop at Jodie’s Nan’s  and ran with Jodie for a bit before motoring on. Also made up the 0.8ish miles I had to abandon on Saturday. [Garmin Activity]


This Week

Monday: 5m Easy – Probably without Josh, think we’ll do the Lyde Road loop with plenty of elevation!

Tuesday: Club Run – Will do the 6-7 mile option as usual.

Wednesday: 2 x 15mins Tempo Run – Same amount of minutes/volume as last week, but will test the endurance a little more by not having the extra break and doing them back to back.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5 x 1mi Intervals – Not looking forward to this! This is the session I really struggled with last time out, and now have added an extra rep. Have increased the rest by 1 minute between reps and hopefully the weather will be a touch kinder too. Also, I think I’ll run the intervals on the Ninesprings cycle path too, as I quite liked doing it there when I did the 1kms.

Saturday: 5m Easy – Will do this after parkrun in all likelihood before I travel to Birmingham for work.

Sunday: 14m LSR – Have plotted a route around our Birmingham residence, so should be nice to see some different scenery.

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