Monthly Review: July 2014

One of my reasons for blogging is so I can keep track of the running I’ve done, how its gone, and see if I’ve been improving. Much like a training diary. This is the first monthly review I hope to post at the end of each calendar month.july

Garmin Connect makes this really easy to analyse with the “Progress Summary” report!julystats

Total mileage for the month was 175.96mi! (Yes, I am cursing that 0.04 miles!!) A new record for “Most miles in a month” for me – even more so than my “Peak” month when I was marathon training. This increased volume has mainly come from having an additional run per week, but I have also had a slight increase on my average run distance (Excluding long runs, where there is much more mileage from the Mara training). So a good, sensible increase in volume.

I’ve also set a new “PB” for meters of elevation gained in a month. Running hills is the best way to build leg strength so I am now using this stat to actively ensure I go up more hills. I’m planning to try and increase the “Average Elevation Gain” in August.

Average speed has increased which is good, but I should be wary of May and June’s numbers there. It’s only been in July that I’ve been carefully sticking to my training zones. The previous two months I spent a lot of time running with Jodie – Her times are improving immensely though so thats good coaching on my part!!

I’m doubly pleased as April and May was spent doing specific speed training, so to see an improvement comparing July with that period is quite satisfying.

One interesting stat I can see if that my average heart rate is reduced! When you compare that with the spring months (Another comparable period where I was doing hard training) my speed has increased and my heart rate has decreased – which is a clear improvement of fitness! Very happy with that.

Goals for August

  • Further increase in Month-on-Month Mileage to > 200mi
  • Increase the Average Elevation Gain



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    1. When you go in Reports, choose the Progress Summary report.

      Then when it shows you the list of stats, you can click the Progress Summary report title (It looks like it has a little drop down arrow) and in the Group By i clicked Month.

      Then you can use the date filter (I used “This Year”) and it shows them like that 🙂

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