Drivers – Use Your Indicators!

I am absolutely sick of drivers who refuse to use their indicators.

As a pedestrian/runner, I am a conscientious person. When I run I always allow plenty of room for people sharing a path or pavement. I say “Hello”, “Excuse Me” and “Thank You”. So why do other road users (Drivers) not feel it necessary for them to be polite abide by the highway code?

So, when I try and cross the road and you are not indicating to come down it, or not indicating that you are coming off of the roundabout, I do NOT expect a car to come hurtling towards me, nor the abuse that follows for being on the road!

If YOU had indicated I WOULDN’T have thought it was safe to cross, AVOIDING the issue!

It’s not all drivers, I’d say 60% are good indicators! But the rest of you, next time I’m going to let myself get clipped and prosecute!!

Drive responsibly.

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