Morning Running

I’ve never been a morning person. Traditionally I’d be late to bed, watching some shite on TV or a film i’ve seen a million times before, and when the alarm goes off I squeeze out every possible second from the snooze button. Then at weekends I’d stay up even later, largely due to socialising and drinking, then inevitably sleep til noon and wake up with a raging hangover.

Recently though, life, through a natural process, has caused this routine to change. A life changingly happy relationship has curbed my appetite for weekend boozing, and my recent addiction to running has also contributed. With the amount of mileage I have been putting in (and Jodie too) I’ve been finding myself tiring much more naturally in the evenings. This has naturally led me to be a little more spritely in the mornings. At the weekends, I’m now committed to parkrun on Saturdays, and Sunday’s are usually consumed by the traditional long slow run.

I love running, but I also love my fiancee and I love spending time with her. Sometimes I don’t get the balance right between running and my fiancee and I’m trying to correct that. Recently, thats been by running in the mornings!

Shock horror!

On parkrunday I am often found volunteering instead of running parkrun. By the time we’ve finished there, I still need to squeeze in my own run, usually an hour long. But by the time you’ve got ready and showered down afterwards and you are ready to do your next task/activity thats 2 hours. It basically writes off Saturday morning! So I’ve started running TO parkrun instead, as an alternative. It ticks all the boxes.

During marathon training last year I’d often not start my long run til after lunch, which meant that Saturday afternoon was a write off. Even half-marathon training I’m often out for a couple of hours and can have a big impact on what you do on a sunday. This week in order to juggle family commitments I went out with Simon at 7.30am! On a sunday! Unthinkable for me.

I’m finding myself much more inclined to run in the morning if I have something to do the following evening. Like I did today. I think in the long term, this strategy could be a real benefit.

In my limited experience with early running, I’ve found the following points quite interesting.

  • It takes me a loooong time to get warmed up Normally in the evening I’ve found my pace after the first half a mile. I’ve found it takes up to 2 miles for me to find a good rhythm on an early run.
  • Its so much cooler! The weather here recently has been HOT, and running in the mornings removes this discomfort. Not only is it cool on the run, but its also cooler when you get home and easier to feel more human after a good workout.
  • I can’t run at a pace outside of my “Easy” zone in the mornings. For some reason, I just can’t inspire myself to turn my legs over quick enough. I think its a laziness thing.
  • I’m wide awake when I get to work, or if its the weekend I’m ready to take on the day. The time it frees up is amazing, andI think it will give me way more time to spend with the missus.
  • There is way less traffic, less need to slow or stop and ruin your rhythm/cadence.
  • But there are a lot more cyclists. I guess they are commuters.
  • I’m hoping getting used to morning running will help with morning races – but time will tell!

What do you think of early running? Do you love or hate it?

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