Training: W/C 28th July 2014

So first a review of last weeks activities. Here is what I had planned and how the sessions went.

Last Week

Monday: 5m Easy – This will be more of a recovery run after yesterday’s efforts. Running with Simon and Josh and going to go the uphill way! Was a good run, Josh did well with the climbing though it was hot hot hot! [Garmin Activity]

Tuesday: Club Run – Will probably do 6ish miles at a steadyish pace. I had to attend a late work meeting so I missed the club run and didn’t run at all so ran Thursday instead.

Wednesday: 10/10/5 min Tempo10 minutes threshold running with 5 min jog recoveries x 2 followed by a 5 minute threshold interval. Adding a bit more on from last week. It was hot, but I nailed all the splits I needed to. As it was hot though I couldn’t maintain my cadence during the recoveries and had to walk a bit during them. But the threshold running was the most important so still a good session. [Garmin Activity]

Thursday: Rest. As I missed the Club Run I opted for an “Easy” run – but it was less than easy! It was about 28 degrees and after 4 miles it felt horrible. I’ll be glad when this heatwave passes. [Garmin Activity]

Friday: 6 x 1km Intervals – With 2 minute recoveries. After Thursday, I thought I would really struggle with this. But I absolutely smashed it! Average of 4.08 minute KMs, just where I wanted them. [Garmin Activity]

Saturday: 5m Steady – I have no idea when I am going to fit this in as I’m off to Blandford for their inaugural parkrun then off on Wedding duty for the rest of the day. Seems most likely that i’ll be up with the sunrise! Well durr, I was running the Blandford parkrun!! That was a good enough of a session for me. I ran it fairly comfortably at around threshold pace. I “Ummed and aahed” about trying for a PB, but after the first 2k I realised my legs didn’t have it after friday’s intervals. I had to stop to tie the laces up and had a brief walk up the hill and was 45s outside of PB pace, which I was still very pleased with. [Garmin Activity]

Sunday: 12m LSR – REALLY MUST try and remember my camera, have a lovely route planned. Ha. No camera, but a great run. Arranged with Simon to run together (He was due 9 and me 12) so planned a route where we could run the first 9 miles together. Missed the planned turn so he ended up doing 10! I was pleased with the consistency of my spliets, especially up the Mudford Road climb at 10 miles. Good solid run. [Garmin Activity]


This Week

Monday: 5m Easy – The usual 5miles with Josh and Simon, will be doing a flatter route though after a tough last 5 days running.

Tuesday: Club Run – Probably the 6ish mile option. This will probably get shelved to to an early run or a thursday run as am probably going to the seaside with Jodie and family!

Wednesday: 15/10/5mins Tempo – My threshold intervals increase again. These are really tough but I think they are giving me the most benefit. its good to ramp these up a bit at a time!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 8 x 2mins Hill Repeats – Usual Hendford Hill repeats in all likelihood, but may have to change it up as I’ll be going to Basingstoke either Friday or Saturday so will need to fit this in somewhere.

Saturday: 5m Easy – If I’m in Yeovil, I’ll run this super early. If I’m in Basingstoke, I’ll run Basingstoke parkrun instead.

Sunday: 13m LSR – Most likely a leisurely early one in Basingstoke to avoid the heat.

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