Training: W/C 21st July 2014

So first a review of last weeks activities. Here is what I had planned and how the sessions went.

Last Week

Monday: 4m Easy – Recovery run with mates. As I write this my legs are a bit sore so a recovery jog should sort them out. Was just me and Jodie in the end, but she did really well and we kept a good steady pace. Legs felt a bit weary but better by the end of the run. [Garmin Activity]

Tuesday: Club Run – Will take the 6ish mile option again, but need to take it a bit easier. Maybe drop to the slower group to do some more easy mileage. Ended up doing 7.5 miles, including a massive hill I had to walk up. I knew I had a tough session on Wednesday which was more quality focussed so saved some for that. Nice route though with some great views. [Garmin Activity]

Wednesday: 2 x 20min Tempo Intervals – Simon is back from holiday and wants to go for a run. I’m being a bit selfish, and saying if he wants to run he has to do this session with me. Hopefully he will keep up, he should have fresh holiday legs! Very good session, with the intervals being right on pace. Simon kept up well too! [Garmin Activity]

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6 x 2mins Hill Repeats – I hate this session but it must mean it does me good. 6 sprints up Hendford Hill for 2 minutes. Wow, this was tough. it was hot and humid, but the consistency was there and managed to reach the same point up the hill every time (Within 10 meters), though the Garmin didn’t agree! [Garmin Activity]

Saturday: 5m Easy – Probably a run to parkrun again. Nope, had to go on a First Aid course, but managed to squeeze it in afterwards inbetween thunderstorms. Hot, humid and tough. But good consistent splits. [Garmin Activity]

Sunday: Frome 10k Race – Its a hilly course so a PB is unlikely. Running it with Simon in YTRRC colours. I actually came close to a PB, though the hills were mega and the heat was on again. Good race, full report to follow later in the week. [Garmin Activity]

This Week

Monday: 5m Easy – This will be more of a recovery run after yesterday’s efforts. Running with Simon and Josh and going to go the uphill way!

Tuesday: Club Run – Will probably do 6ish miles at a steadyish pace.

Wednesday: 10/10/5 min Tempo – 10 minutes threshold running with 5 min jog recoveries x 2 followed by a 5 minute threshold interval. Adding a bit more on from last week.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6 x 1km Intervals – With 2 minute recoveries.

Saturday: 5m Steady – I have no idea when I am going to fit this in as I’m off to Blandford for their inaugural parkrun then off on Wedding duty for the rest of the day. Seems most likely that i’ll be up with the sunrise!

Sunday: 12m LSR – REALLY MUST try and remember my camera, have a lovely route planned.

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