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Feeling a bit disappointed today. Despite a very good week food wise, and a 40mile week running wise (And the associated calories burned from it) I’ve not lost any weight this week.

I’ve only lost 1lb in the last 3 weeks, and I don’t know why. I’m still an agonising 2lbs from that elusive Healthy BMI target I set myself all those years ago.

I turned to my friend Google and found this interesting article by Jillian Michaels about how to beat a weight loss plateau. And I can relate to it in a few ways.

Question 1: Are you keeping track of your daily calories?

Yes, I am. I am even, during weekdays, going well under this calorie allowance – which is already set aggressively low. I’m not sure I can actually be any more anal about watching what I eat. I log everything that crosses my lips, often to the annoyance of the other half.

Question 2: Are you trying to lose “Vanity Pounds”?

Ok, I guess I am at the point now where I am. ¬†She explains (What I already knew) that the less I had to lose the harder it is to shift it. But the part that resonated most with me was that the usual solution to this would be to exercise more and eat less – which is pretty much what I have done. The issue being that my body may have hit starvation mode. This is a very real possibility, I’ve been finding myself to be very hungry this week. More so than usual. Her recommendation: Keep the body guessing by spending the next 3 days varying the calorie intake. I’m not sure that would work for me, I just think i need to make sure I eat ALL of my calorie intake rather than trying to undercut it so much like I have been doing. Give my body more fuel to kick start the metabolism instead.

Question 3: Do you need to change up your workout?

I already run a variety of different sessions, at different paces during the week. But I guess I don’t do a lot of core work, which I know is something that could also benefit my running. So I’ll try and get back on the 30 day abs challenge which I started and then decided to ignore.


In the opening paragraphs she said that a typical plateau usually lasts 3 weeks, which is about where I am at. So I am hoping next week will be a bit more positive. But to help it along I am going to try eating my full calorie allowance and give the Ab challenge another crack and see if I can get things moving again.

I will of course, report back on the result next week!

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