The Importance of Walking

When I trained for Paris, I was finding my legs were weary all day, and I was getting home permanently fatigued. So my next run was always difficult to get motivated for, as I knew it was going to hurt.

So I took the decision to start walking at lunchtimes. I had a lunch hour where usually I would just sit and eat food. I work in an office, so I spend most of my day sat down too. It seemed like a good time to do something about it. I found it had some great benefits.

  1. It stretched the legs. A nice brisk walk warmed up the muscles and seemed to shake out a reasonable amount of tiredness from the legs
  2. It burned calories, which meant I was able to lose weight a bit faster
  3. It allowed me time to think and de-stress, which benefitted my colleagues and my missus!
  4. Because I had recovered more, and lost more weight, I was getting inherently faster

I found a good little loop I could walk around and before I knew it I was walking 12-15 miles a week. I’ve continued doing the walking as I firmly believe its a great benefit to my training. And the stats, so far, have been backing that up.

More recently, I’ve been using the opportunity to listen to the parkrun show and Marathon Talk podcasts. Listening to these give me great tips and advice and teach me more about running that I can then apply to my training.

So to run faster, walk more!

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