Training: W/C 14th July 2014

So first a review of last weeks activities. Here is what I had planned and how the sessions went.

Last Week

Monday: 4m Easy – This will be slower than my usual easy pace as I’m running with some slower friends on a more social basis, so more a recovery run than an easy run. This was a nice recovery run and finished it with the legs feeling good. [Garmin Activity]

Tuesday: Club Run – I’ll take the 6ish mile option. Club runs are a bit stop start but good fun. Tough run, with a long uphill first half, a short sharp downhill, then another long uphill to get back. Managed to have a decent kick on in the last uphill mile to be first home in the group. [Garmin Activity]

Wednesday: 3 x 7mins Tempo Intervals – Starting to push my threshold training to gain some endurance. A great session, with my splits and targets hit just right. [Garmin Activity]

Friday Thursday: Rest. Rested Thursday instead of Friday to avoid back to back quality sessions.

Thursday Friday: 4 x 1m Intervals – Will be tough after the wednesday session, especially as my Tempo pace and mile interval paces are quite close together. Might need to revise my training plan to rest Thursdays instead of Fridays to avoid having back to back quality sessions. I did indeed switch my training days to accommodate this. This session was very similar to the tempo session, but faster and with stopped rests instead of jogs. The first 3 reps were good but had to stop twice in the fourth rep. Looking at the splits, I think I need to do these a bit slower next time, and a bit more consistent. Hopefully with a few weeks extra training it will make the next one of these a bit easier. [Garmin Activity]

Saturday: 5m Easy – I’ll probably run to parkrun and volunteer. Yep, this is what I did. First mile or two was a bit of a struggle but thats probably as I’m not really used to getting up so early. [Garmin Activity]

Sunday: 11m LSR – Must remember to take my camera! Well I forgot the camera, but did have a good long run. It was very consistent, and a little tough. I reached the end just about spent, which I think means is just the right pace at the right distance and effort. Very happy with the splits, especially considering some of the hills that were run. [Garmin Activity]

This Week

Monday: 4m Easy – Recovery run with mates. As I write this my legs are a bit sore so a recovery jog should sort them out

Tuesday: Club Run – Will take the 6ish mile option again, but need to take it a bit easier. Maybe drop to the slower group to do some more easy mileage.

Wednesday: 2 x 20min Tempo Intervals – Simon is back from holiday and wants to go for a run. I’m being a bit selfish, and saying if he wants to run he has to do this session with me. Hopefully he will keep up, he should have fresh holiday legs!

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6 x 2mins Hill Repeats – I hate this session but it must mean it does me good. 6 sprints up Hendford Hill for 2 minutes.

Saturday: 5m Easy – Probably a run to parkrun again

Sunday: Frome 10k Race – Its a hilly course so a PB is unlikely. Running it with Simon in YTRRC colours.

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