My weekend running – a Tour de France special!

What a weekend!

So I awoke on Saturday morning ready to go an herd the cattle at Montacute Park ready for another parkrun. The cows were particularly frisky – much worse than last week. They were really spooked and charging around all over the place. At one point I had to run for my life as they turned to charge me!

Eventually we got them vaguely under control, and just as we were trying to herd them into another field through the gate, they decided instead to charge the fence. 50+ cows jumping over or diving through a barbed wire fence was not what I was expecting. And it looked nasty – we were worried for the cows, especially the one that landed on its neck. Fortunately they all got up and calmed down. Which meant parkrun could go ahead as normal.

The intention for me this week was to pace the missus round as part of an easy 5 miler. But as soon as Nikkii, marshal extraordinaire got wind of this, she decided that I had to go for a PB!

I should qualify the above paragraph by saying that my 5k PB was set because of Nikkii’s encouragement. At the Yeovilton 5k I was intending to run sub-2 for the first time. Nikkii thought better of it and said I could go sub-22. She was utterly convincing, so i worked out my pace and just went for it. And I only bloody went and got it didn’t I! So from now on, I listen to Nikkii!

Now we’d previously announced that we’d be doing a Tour de France special, and encouraged runners to turn up in “Yellow Jerseys” and helmets. I was the only one sporting a helmet though.

The only time I’ll ever be ahead of the Biss boys!

Whether the slipstream of the helmet helped or not I’m not sure – But stats don’t lie and I took 25 seconds of my CB. And for a challenging course like Yeovil Montacute parkrun I was delighted. Not quite sure I’m ready to try a flat course yet though!

Saturday came and went and when I woke up on Sunday morning, whilst checking Facebook, Neil had taken the above photo and worked some Photoshop magic to produce these little corkers!

Fabulous photos, I love them!

Sunday is long slow run day, and I blasted through a lovely 10 miler. Averaging around 9:15m/m it was just the pace I wanted to hit. After 5 miles though the heavens opened and I was utterly drenched. It only lasted 10 minutes though, and as I ran the remaining 4 or so miles the clothes dried a bit, and as the sun came out I could see the steam from the evaporation along the cycle path. It was quite the site.

I really must start taking a camera on these long slow runs!

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